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Propriété collective

Collective ownership is the ownership of means of production by all members of a group for the benefit of all its members.

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Rapports et recherches
mai 2014

Unfolding analysis reveals two types of land disputes prevalent in postwar northern Uganda: cases that involve a legitimate cause of action and those that do not.1 Since mediation and alternative forms of dispute resolution rely on parties’ willingness to negotiate in good faith, cases featuring ‘bad faith’ and land grabbing—where powerful parties intentionally exploit another person’s vulnerab

Rapports et recherches
avril 2014

Reconquista es una comunidad asociativa de agricultores campesinos en Paraguay. De los pocos asentamientos campesinos que tuvieron avances significativos durante el gobierno de Fernando Lugo, y que contó con una importante asistencia de varias instituciones estatales. La propiedad de la tierra es asociativa para evitar la compraventa.

Whose land is it? Land reform, minorities, and the titular “nation” in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan
Publication évaluée par des pairs
mars 2014

Each of the post-Soviet Central Asian states inherited both inefficient collectivized agricultural systems and an understanding of the nation rooted in categories defined by Soviet nationality policy.

Land administration
Articles et Livres
février 2014

The Land tenure system in Zambia is divided in the following administrative segments: colonial period
1880-1964; immediate post independence 1964-1975, post independence period of one party political

février 2013

This report evaluates the legal
framework for rural land rights, the regulations of rural
housing sites, the effects of land requisition on farmers
who lose land, and some selected issues affecting urban land
rights. The focus of this report is how to enhance property

Publication évaluée par des pairs
décembre 2012
Viet Nam

We draw on empirical results from three case studies of property rights change across forest and fisheries ecosystems in central Vietnam to investigate the circumstances under which collective property rights may make sense. A

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Documents et rapports de conférence
octobre 2012
République-Unie de Tanzanie

Contemporary waves of large scale land acquisitions for commercial production in developing countries in Africa and other parts of the world have been branded as ‘land grabs’ by many scholars, media and activists. Some scholars have describe this phenomena as the “new scramble for Africa” (Moyo and Yeros, 2011).

août 2012

This report is about integrated land
policy reform in context of rapid urbanization in China.
Over the past thirty years, China has undergone a profound
economic and social transformation as it moves towards a
market-oriented economy. Land issues are implicated in this

juin 2012

The author applies a systems-oriented "holistic" approach to China's radical economic reforms during the past quarter of a century. He characterizes China's economic reforms in terms of a multidimensional classification of economic systems.

juin 2012

China has undergone a profound economic and social transformation as it moves from a centrally-planned to a market-oriented economy.

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