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propriétaire foncier

An owner or proprietor of land.

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Rapports et recherches
décembre 2021

Gender and land rights are closely intertwined with each other. Globally, more than 400 million women work in agriculture. Women comprise 43 percent of the agricultural labor force in developing countries, yet they account for less than 20 percent of landholders (FAO 2011). These disparities are even higher in some regions.

Rapports et recherches
novembre 2021
Afrique sub-saharienne

This paper considers the foundations of contemporary African urban economies and how these intersect with the evolution of urban politics, carving a route through a wide range of existing literatures relevant to the politics and political economy of African urban development.

Land Governance in the Outskirts of African Cities.
Documents de politique et mémoires
juillet 2021

In the next 30 years, Africa’s population is expected to double, and the continent will be home to 2.5 billion people. Almost half of this population will be living in urban agglomerations. Metropolitan cities, such as Lagos, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam or Abidjan will host several tens of millions of urban dwellers.

Publication évaluée par des pairs
mars 2021

Foreign land grabbing is acknowledged as a phenomenon that generates disempowerment and dispossession of local farmers, human rights violations. Previous studies have revealed the lack of ethical benchmarks in foreign large-scale land transactions that raise moral concerns.

mars 2021

Describes how inclusive technology;a gender-responsive documentation process and shifting gender norms are empowering women through secure land rights. Includes recognising women as landowners;leading by example;securing land;securing futures.

Rapports et recherches
août 2019

This study explores how LIFTs market development interventions have encouraged landowners to formally register land transactions;thus ensuring that local land registers are up to date..This resource was published in the frame of the Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) Programme.

Documents et rapports de conférence
décembre 2018

Land consolidation and land exchange are two important measures that can be used to improve the spatial structure of farm holdings. Unfortunately, land cannot be consolidated and exchanged in all villages of a given area simultaneously, due to economic, technical, and social considerations.

août 2018

Research in Sierra Leone reveals that the role of Paramount Chiefs and MPs in approaching communities for negotiations compromised Free;Prior and Informed Consent. Companies and local authority figures used vague references to ‘developmentto convince landowners to sign.

Matériels institutionnels et promotionnels
mars 2018
République-Unie de Tanzanie
Burkina Faso
Viet Nam

For rural women and men, land is often the most important household asset for supporting agricultural production and providing food security and nutrition. Evidence shows that secure land tenure is strongly associated with higher levels of investment and productivity in agriculture – and therefore with higher incomes and greater economic wellbeing.

Articles et Livres
décembre 2017

Conservation easements offer sustainable land use and environmental conservation through land use restrictions. Opportunities exist to improve the efficiency by which parties interested in conservation easement transactions are matched, which may contribute to the overall protection of agricultural landscapes.

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