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Using Administrative Data to Assess the Impact and Sustainability of Rwanda's Land Tenure Regularization

Juillet, 2016

Rwanda's completion, in 2012/13, of
a land tenure regularization program covering the entire
country allows the use of administrative data to describe
initial performance and combine the data with household
surveys to quantify to what extent and why subsequent
transfers remain informal, and how to address this. In
2014/15, annual volumes of registered sales ranged between
5.6 percent for residential land in Kigali and 0.1 percent

Capacity Assessment of Land Administration and Management in Bangladesh: Critical Reflections on Institutional Processes, Capabilities and Gaps

Reports & Research
Février, 2016

Capacity of local land administration has to be addressed for further strengthening the governance system with a view to deriving the benefits of socio-economic, political and cultural development for the common people of this country. It is true that in Bangladesh, voice in favour of effective land administration and management is becoming louder at the national level. Representatives of LGIs, development workers, civil society members and international development partners, time and again, are raising and firmly advocating this long-drawn issue at policy level.

Commission on Restitution of Land Rights 2nd & 3rd Quarter 2015/16 performance, with Deputy Minister

Legislation & Policies
Février, 2016
Afrique du Sud

The Committee welcomed the Quarterly Reports as they showed the progress that had been made in dealing with claims. However discomfort was expressed at the pace of restitution. The Committee was very interested in the research aspect of the Commission’s brief.

Asia's agrarian reform in reverse: laws taking land out of small farmers' hands

Reports & Research
Décembre, 2015
Brunéi Darussalam
Viet Nam

The April 2015 edition of Against the Grain -- a report by Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN) on laws and mechanisms in Asia that result in land transfer from independent farmers to larger entities.

Renewed surge in land disputes must be addressed not denied

Institutional & promotional materials
Décembre, 2015

This LICADHO press release expresses strong concern at the surge in land disputes documented by its offices in 2014, which resulted in a threefold increase in the number of families newly affected compared to the previous year. In 2014, LICADHO registered 10,625 families, or an estimated 49,519 individuals, newly affected by land conflicts.

Spatial properties of large agricultural landholdings of Estonia

Conference Papers & Reports
Décembre, 2015

The fragmentation of landholdings is considered as disturbing factor for agriculture. The aim of this article is to evaluate the extent of land fragmentation of the large landholdings in Estonia. The Januszewski and Schmook indexes were calculated for that purpose. The detailed survey of three agricultural landholdings was conducted in order to assess the possibilities to reduce the land fragmentation and improve their land use conditions. Results showed that Estonian agricultural producers’ landholdings are considerably fragmented.

Determinants of Participation and Transaction Costs in Rwanda’s Land Markets

Août, 2015

Land markets play a limited role in
subsistence economies with low skill-intensity of
agricultural cultivation, equally distributed land
endowments and little movement out of agriculture to join
the non-farm economy. But, as the economy starts to
diversify, the scope for efficiency-enhancing land transfers
beyond immediate kin and for longer than just one season
assumes significantly greater importance. Lease markets can

Smallholders’ Land Ownership and Access in Sub-Saharan Africa

Juillet, 2015

While scholars agree on the importance
of land rental markets for structural transformation in
rural areas, evidence on the extent and nature of their
operation, including potential obstacles to their improved
functioning, remains limited. This study uses
household-level data from six countries to start filling
this gap and derive substantive as well as methodological
lessons. The paper finds that rental markets transfer land

Políticas de Tierras vigentes en el Perú - Laureano del Castillo. CEPES (octubre 2014)

Policy Papers & Briefs
Juillet, 2015

El presente documento contiene una breve sistematización de las políticas vigentes en el Perú en torno al acceso y control de la tierra por parte de pequeños agricultores y comunidades. Su lectura debe complementar la del documento sobre legislación, preparado igualmente para el Movimiento por la Tierra en Sudamérica.

Land Transfer and the Pursuit of Agricultural Modernization in China

Peer-reviewed publication
Juin, 2015

Agriculture, countryside and peasantry have been priority concerns of the Chinese govern- ment, with land and agriculture being the most crucial. With a growing population, less arable land and often relatively low-quality land, Chinese peasant agriculture has been undergoing a form of modernization.While peasants enjoy land-contract rights as a result of the Household Responsibility System (HRS), the state has been promoting transfer of land-use rights in order to promote modern agriculture.