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Community guide: Protecting community lands and resources

Reports & Research
Décembre, 2013

"The Government of Liberia is in the process of drafting new land laws that give people ownership rights over their customary lands. This guide teaches communities how to go through the process of getting papers (deeds) for their land. The end result of doing all of the work explained in this guide will be both papers for your land and a more organized, more united, and more peaceful community ready to develop and grow."

Policy for the poor? Phnom Penh, tenure security and Circular 03

Reports & Research
Décembre, 2013

In May 2010, the Cambodian Government approved a circular on "resolution of temporary settlement on land which has been illegally occupied in the capital, municipal, and urban areas" (Circular 03). The aim of this report is to highlight some of the issues arising from Circular 03 as a policy document, and draw attention to the opportunities and risks arising from its implementation.

Deeds Registries Amendment Act, 2013

Legislation & Policies
Décembre, 2013
Afrique du Sud

To amend the Deeds Registries Act, 1937, so as to provide discretion in respect of the rectification of errors in the name of a person or the description of property mentioned in deeds and other documents; to provide for the issuing of certificates of registered title taking the place of deeds that have become incomplete or unserviceable; to substitute an obsolete reference; to substitute an outdated heading; to delete reference to the repealed Agricultural Credit Act, 1966; to further regulate the updating of deeds in respect of the change of names of companies, close corporations and the

India : Land Policies for Growth and Poverty Reduction

Septembre, 2013

In India, land continues to be of
enormous economic, social, and symbolic relevance. The way
in which land can be accessed and its ownership documented
is at the core of the livelihood of the large majority of
the poor, especially in rural and tribal areas and
determines the extent to which increasingly scarce natural
resources are managed. Land policies and administration are
critical determinants of the transaction cost associated

Comparing Land Reform and Land Markets in Colombia : Impacts on Equity and Efficiency

Septembre, 2013

Based on a large survey to compare the
effectiveness of land markets and land reform in Colombia,
the authors find that rental and sales markets were more
effective in transferring land to poor but productive
producers than was administrative land reform. The fact that
land transactions were all of a short-term nature and that
little land was transferred from very large to small land
owners or the landless suggests that there may be scope for

Land Policies and Evolving Farm Structures in Transition Countries

Septembre, 2013

The authors review the role of land
policies in the evolving farm structure of transition
countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the
Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). They show how
different policies for land property rights, degrees of
control of land rental and sale markets, and procedures for
restructuring former collective or state farms resulted in
significantly different farm structures in CEE countries

Turkmenistan : An Assessment of Leasehold-based Farm Restructuring

Juin, 2013

Turkmenistan's unique approach to
land reform and farm restructuring has produced a
significant shift to individual or household-based farming,
with more than three-quarters of the arable land leased to
individual households or small groups. Most leaseholders
consider this land to be rightfully theirs, and they expect
to keep it in the future, either as private owners, or
through extension of their leasehold. However, individual

Sri Lanka : Land and Conflict in the North and East

Mars, 2013

This report analyzes land issues in Sri
Lanka, which cannot be seen in isolation from the ethnic and
political conflict and, at the same time, even though land
conflict is often linked with the ethnic conflict in Sri
Lanka, a large number of land conflicts in the North and
East can be resolved prior to a full and national political
solution to the ethnic situation. This report analyzes
constraints and opportunities for an effective governance

Land Titles, Investment, and Agricultural Productivity in Madagascar : A Poverty and Social Impact Analysis

Mars, 2013

This report examines the question of
land titling in Madagascar, a country where modern and
informal tenure systems coexist and overlap to a significant
extent. The report reviews three main arguments for land
titling and their relevance for Madagascar in order to
provide policy implications and evaluations. The first is
that land titling serves as protection against
expropriation. Second, titles may also facilitate land

Land Policy Dialogues : Addressing Urban-Rural Synergies in World Bank Facilitated Dialogues in the Last Decade

Mars, 2013

Land policy, administration and
management are areas of strong client demand for technical
advice and operational support. This review sought to help
the Bank better position itself to present coherent advice
on policy, institutional arrangements and practice. The
potential implications are a lowering of reputational risk
to the Bank; greater efficiency in the process including
joint data gathering; and building of greater momentum and

China - Integrating Land Policy Reforms II : Strengthening Land Rights for Equitable Growth and Social Harmony

Février, 2013

This report evaluates the legal
framework for rural land rights, the regulations of rural
housing sites, the effects of land requisition on farmers
who lose land, and some selected issues affecting urban land
rights. The focus of this report is how to enhance property
rights in a number of different contexts. The report makes a
series of specific policy recommendations for rural
agricultural land, rural housing land, to protect rights in