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Where Bottom-Up and Top-Down Meet: Challenges in Shaping Sustainable  & Scalable Land Interventions
Documents et rapports de conférence
juin 2021
Soudan du Sud
Burkina Faso
Viet Nam

LAND-at-scale is a land governance support program for developing countries from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, which was launched in 2019.

Articles et Livres
avril 2021

This article discusses the inherent limitations of law in transitional justice processes regarding land grievances. Through analysis of the case of Timor-Leste (East Timor), a country marked by post-colonialism, post-authoritarianism, and post-conflict.

Publication évaluée par des pairs
février 2021
États-Unis d'Amérique

The burning and the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon forest, which has been recently highlighted by the international press and occurs mostly on public or undesignated land, calls for an in-depth examination. This has traditionally been the main way to grab land, speculate, and simultaneously prove ownership by its occupation.

Publication évaluée par des pairs
février 2021
Afrique sub-saharienne

Despite the ongoing land administration reforms being implemented across sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), including Ghana, as a viable pathway to achieve tenure security and greater efficiency in land administration, the subject of land dispute resolution has received relatively less attention.

Publication évaluée par des pairs
février 2021

Large reservoir projects typically occupy vast lots of rural land and trigger resettlement on a massive scale.

Publication évaluée par des pairs
janvier 2021

This paper examines the various ways local land conflicts affect sustainable land-use planning in peri-urban Ghana. In recent years, rapid urbanisation has resulted a high demand for customary lands for housing development in peri-urban areas in Ghana. Customary lands are continuously converted into housing uses; leading to eviction of indigenes from their farmlands.

Rapports et recherches
décembre 2020
Afrique orientale

Promoting the provision of legitimate land tenure rights using Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests (VGGT) in the Context of National Food Security for conflict-displaced communities, including small‐scale rural farmers, pastoralists, and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the Greater Darfur region of the Sudan

Publication évaluée par des pairs
décembre 2020

De nos jours, lorsque l’on parle de la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC), on entend souvent parler du problème démocratique ainsi que des conflits meurtriers qui ont lieu dans certaines régions notamment du Kasaï ou des Kivus.

Publication évaluée par des pairs
décembre 2020
République centrafricaine

The Horn of Africa has seen its fair share of natural resource conflicts among and between competing pastoralists communities. The conflicts hitherto associated with men, ignored women pastoralists’ role in the same conflict. Using an existing data and an open-ended qualitative approach the study sought answers on the role of women pastoralists in conflict in the horn of Africa.

Land Journal Volume 9 Issue 11 cover image
Publication évaluée par des pairs
novembre 2020
États-Unis d'Amérique

The authors would like to correct the following section of this paper [...]

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