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décembre 2005
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Objective scientific characteristics of present reclamation systems of Belarus have been done. Structure of reclamation lands has been analyzed. Distribution of reclaimed lands according to the types of irrigation and drainage systems has been presented. Reasons of insufficient usage of reclamation systems have been discovered. Mistakes that had been made on large-scale reclamation building have been estimated. Review of realization of the Republican programme “Preservation and usage of reclaimed lands” for 2001-2005 has been made. Analysis of soil cover structure and state of reclamation systems in various natural zones has showed that approximately 1.3-1.5 mln ha of reclaimed lands are good for application of intensive technologies. These lands (plough lands, hayfields, pastures) may in the shortest possible time provide the yielding capacity up to 5-6 t/ha and in future – up to 10-12 t/ha. Growth of reclaimed lands productivity has been shown, directions on improvement of reclamation systems state have been determined. Perspective directions of reclaimed lands use have been stated

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Gusakov, V.G.(The National Academy of Sciences, Minsk (Belarus))
Likhatsevich, A.P.(Institute for Land Reclamation and Grassland, Minsk (Belarus))

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