Use of geoprocessing in the study of land degradation in urban environments: the case of the city of São Carlos, state of São Paulo, Brazil | Land Portal

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décembre 2007
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This paper presents a methodology for the geological engineering survey of land degradation in urban environments using both remote sensing and geoprocessing tools. The area under study was the city of São Carlos, state of São Paulo, Brazil (urban and expansion area). The data presented here were obtained from earlier studies, photointerpretation and geological engineering mapping. The Envi 4.1 software package was used to prepare the digital orthophotos that served as a reference base for the information. Orthorectification of the Ikonos image (PSM, 1 m) was done and compared with other orthophotos from studies of environmental degradation in urban areas. The evolution of land degradation processes was analyzed based on the photointerpretation of aerial photographs taken on different dates and using Ikonos image. This study allowed to conclude that most of the degradation occurring in the city has been caused by unplanned land occupation, in disregard of environmental conditions, resulting in environmental degradation and thus impacting the quality of life of the urban population.

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Pons, Nívea Adriana Dias
Pejon, Osni José
Zuquette, Lázaro Valentin


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