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décembre 2002
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The short review of the space protection efficiency in European countries and in Serbia has been given. The role of instruments and measures of land policy and corresponding combinations of stimulative and destimulative instruments of economic and fiscal policy, with provision of programming and other support in efficient space protection and reservation in European countries has been investigated. The great imbalance between the bases and scopes of normative protection and efficiency of the actual protection and reservation of space in Serbia as the main reason for lagging far behind the practice in the European countries has been singled out. Among crucial problems the undeveloped and imbalanced measures and instruments of various policies (land, economic and fiscal policy in the first place), absence of programming, information and monitoring systems support, inadequate and extensive control system have been pointed out. Possible directions of improvement of the practice in our country in order to achieve greater efficiency in space protection have been proposed.

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Maksin-Mićić Marija

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