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janvier 2008
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The state of the Arab environment stands at a pivotal juncture with numerous environmental problems both current and imminently threatening the region. Among the major challenges being faced are water scarcity, land degradation and desertification, inadequate waste management, coastal and marine environment degradation and air pollution. This report, the first of its kind to be compiled and authored by independent experts from across the Arab region, offers an overview of the state of the environment in the Arab world, highlighting environmental challenges, social, political and demographic trends, progress in regional and sub-regional cooperation and recommendations for future action. The report attempts to address five key questions: 

how are the environmental conditions in the Arab world changing? 
what are the causes of environmental deterioration, and how is it linked to human activities and other stresses? 
why is the environment a significant issue in the Arab world? 
what is being done about it? How is society responding to the issues through public and private institutions? 
are the measures taken to limit environmental degradation and deterioration of ecosystems enough?

While the report commends the long-term planning such as schemes addressing renewable energy, it also stresses that the importance of simple measures urgently required at the local level to ensure more efficient and sound use of resources. [adapted from the authors]

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M.K. Tolba (ed)
N.W. Saab (ed)

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