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janvier 2011
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The global food system will experience an unprecedented combination of pressures over the next 40 years. Global population size will increase and competition for land, water and energy will intensify, while the effects of climate change will become increasingly apparent. Over this period, globalisation will continue, exposing the food system to novel economic and political pressures.This final report of the Foresight Global Food and Farming Futures Project argues that decisive action needs to take place now. The report identifies five considerable challenges ahead:

balancing future demand and supply sustainably to ensure that food supplies are affordable
ensuring that there is adequate stability in food supplies and protecting the most vulnerable from the volatility that does occur
achieving global access to food and ending hunger
managing the contribution of the food system to the mitigation of climate change
maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services while feeding the world.

 Priorities for action include: 

spreading of best practice
making sustainable food production central in development activities
working on the assumption that there is little new land for agriculture
ensuring long-term sustainability of fish stocks
including the environment in food system economics
reducing waste
improving the evidence base upon which decisions are made and developing metrics to assess progress
anticipating major issues with water availability for food production
working to change consumption patterns
empowering citizens.

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