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janvier 2013
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The main objectives of this research report are to outline the various policies that have been implemented through statutes in the past, and to introduce the legislation regarding rural development and land reform. This report will document each economic turning point and each stage of development since Korea was liberated from Japanese colonial rule in 1945, to the present. This is all included in the “The Necessities and Objectives of Research” to provide substantial rationale for developing countries by linking policies with relevant Laws. In the meantime, whether such legislation and relevant policies have any positive outcome or side effects during this period, will be examined in the introduction to each relevant policy.

Documentation will provide invaluable analysis and data for developing countries. This research report is focused on finding relevant policies and outcomes that have affected Korea, in order for officials in developing countries, who are in charge of their respective country’s policies, to refer to for their own economic and developmental strategies in the future.


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Seok-Jin Yoon
Sang-Yoon Lee
Si-Hyun Park


The Korea Development Institute is an autonomous policy-oriented research organization founded in 1971. KDI was established by the Korean government as an economic think tank to provide a rigorous academic perspective on the various economic policy issues that had arisen during Korea’s rapid growth and development in the 1960s. Since then, the scope of KDI’s activities has grown, and it is now called upon to provide expert analysis and advice on all aspects of long- and short-term government policies in areas ranging from domestic economic policy to international trade and investment.

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