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décembre 2011
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ISBN 978-93-5002-122-4
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Access to land and land-based resources has been a critical issue for the Adivasi living in forested landscapes of Central India, including Odisha. This paper highlights poor access to land as major reasons of poverty among adivasis and recurrent conflicts in tribal regions of Odisha. It identifies main processes which led to poor access to land and systematically presented the major typologies affecting Adivasi access to land such as loss of land through private transactions, lack of proper recording of occupation rights through survey and settlements, classification of land as forest land, displacement through land acquisition for development projects, alienation of private land to non-adivasis, exclusion of rights through land and forest policies followed by the State and poor  land regularisation and distribution process among others with detail examples and illustrations. It also suggested possible steps to improve the situation.

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Kundan Kumar, PR Choudhury, Soumen Sarangi, Pradeep Mishra & Sricharan Behera



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