Análise do manejo das águas pluviais no município de São Carlos : estudo da bacia do córrego Santa Maria do Leme | Land Portal

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A major challenge of Brazilian municipalities is to harmonize urban growth with the provision of public service. São Carlos, a municipality in the State of São Paulo also tries to solve this issue. The lack of urban planning coupled with the absence of occupation control measures promotes the soil sealing, which is responsible for the flooding in the valley bottoms. Considering this scenario, the object of study of this dissertation is the creek watershed Santa Maria do Leme. This watershed, even undeveloped, suffers with the occurrence of flooding in the region of its mouth. The aim of this study was to identify the main factors that contribute directly or indirectly with the flooding in the watershed. To this end, the following analyzes were performed: chronological analysis of the evolution of the runoff coefficient and the design flow by Rational Method ; analysis of velocity and capacity of flow in urban crossings; and analysis of the main legal instruments and the direct actions of the municipality in the management of urban drainage. The results indicate a problematic assessment of the region. Were analysed six crossings and only two have enough transport capacity for the flow of current project, and the municipal Master Plan indicates the region free of this basin as a potential area of urban expansion, a fact that may further aggravate the problems.

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Pelissari, Mario Henrique Dias


A Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar) foi fundada em 1968 e foi a primeira instituição federal de Ensino Superior instalada no interior do Estado de São Paulo. A Universidade se destaca pelo alto nível de qualificação de seu corpo docente: 99,8% são doutores ou mestres e 95,8% dos professores desenvolvem atividades de ensino, pesquisa e extensão em regime de dedicação exclusiva.

A Universidade possui quatro campi: São Carlos, Araras, Sorocaba e Lagoa do Sino.

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