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Bibliothèque Act No. 3/91 concerning public land.

Act No. 3/91 concerning public land.

Act No. 3/91 concerning public land.

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This Act is divided into 7 Chapters and 48 articles: State lands (Chap. I); Reserves (II); Private lands owned by the State (III); Rights and obligations regime on lands (IV); Transfer procedures (V); Registries of rights and obligations (VI); Final provisions (VII). This Act defines State lands as: (a) the lands of river beds and marine waters; (b) underwater shelves; (c) any kind of island; (d) land reserved for strategic purposes; (e) private and public road lands; (f) airports (art. 1). The Act defines reserves as land areas that are not under the general regime of use or occupation (art. 5); protected areas, or national parks (art. 6), reserves for urban expansion (art. 8); reserves for water supply (art. 9). Among the regimes for land availability, this Act lists: sale, privilege, concession, lease and right of use (art. 12). The prescribed availabilities are: direct agreement, public auction, public competition (art. 32). Article 41 establishes that State land beneficiaries must comply with the existing obligations. Article 43 prescribes that the free distribution of lands, not exceeding 2 hectares, to evicted workers, is the responsibility of the Government.

Implemented by: Decree-Law No. 51/91 regulating the distribution of State agricultural lands. (1991-10-03)
Amended by: Law No. 11/99 on Flora and Fauna conservation and protected areas. (1999-04-15)

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