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Bibliothèque Land Survey Act ([RSBC 1996] Chapter 247).

Land Survey Act ([RSBC 1996] Chapter 247).

Land Survey Act ([RSBC 1996] Chapter 247).

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This Act creates a framework for land surveyal by British Columbia government surveyors. It is divided into 3 Parts and 15 sections as follows. Official Surveys (Part 1): boundaries and monuments placed by government are true ones (sect. 1); parcels to comprise all width included within their boundaries (sect. 2); division lines joining corresponding posts (sect. 3); construction of grant of aliquot part (sect. 4); if original post or monument cannot be found (sect. 5); subdivisions of land surveyed in sections one mile square (sect. 6); division lines if no corresponding posts placed (sect. 7); surveyors may administer oaths for certain purposes (sect. 8); compelling attendance of witnesses (sect. 9); evidence taken by surveyor reduced to writing and signed (sect. 10). Integrated survey areas (Part 2): definitions (sect. 11); regulations for integrated survey areas (sect. 12); filing integrated survey area plan in land title office (sect. 13); effect of constituting integrated survey area (sect. 14). Power to make regulations (Part 3): power to make regulations (sect. 15).

Implemented by: Subdivision Plan Regulation (B.C. Reg. 220/93). (1993-07-02)

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