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Bibliothèque Property Law Act ([RSBC 1996] Chapter 377).

Property Law Act ([RSBC 1996] Chapter 377).

Property Law Act ([RSBC 1996] Chapter 377).

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This is a piece of general property legislation, regulating the transfer and disposition of property, interests and rights. Its 39 sections are entitled as follows: Definitions (1); Rights in completing sale of land (2); Summary application to court (3); Vendor to deliver registrable instrument (4); Transferor to deliver registrable instrument (5); Vendor or transferor to register own title (6); Transferor to provide registrable description (7); Disposition of interests and rights (8); Right of first refusal (9); Certain interests prohibited or permitted (10); Tenancy in common (11); Spouses separate (12); Remedy of co-owner (13); Court may order lien and sale (14); Transfer of land by instrument (15); Execution without seal (16); Interpretation of an instrument (17); Rules for transfer and ownership to oneself (18); Words of transfer (19); Definitions (20); Implied covenant in a mortgage (21); Direct action against current owner (22); Extinguishment of liability under the personal covenant (23); No personal liability if new purchaser approved by lender (24); Benefit of restrictive covenant (25); Power to subdivide and dedicate (26); Attorney cannot sell to himself or herself (27); Further advances by mortgagee (28); Mortgage subject to registered interests (29); Effect of mortgage by purchaser (30); Consolidation of mortgages (31); Enforcement of personal covenant (32); Statement from mortgagee (33); Right to enter and repair (34); Court may modify or cancel charges (35); Encroachment on adjoining land (36); Damages for loss of bargain due to defective title (37); Effect of merger on subleases (38); Citizenship (39).

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