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Bibliothèque Land Survey Act 1961 (No. 46 of 1961).

Land Survey Act 1961 (No. 46 of 1961).

Land Survey Act 1961 (No. 46 of 1961).
An Act to provide for the survey of land and matters incidental thereto.

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A Surveyor-General for Swaziland shall be appointed by the Minister for Works, Power and Communications, who shall: (a) supervise and control the survey and charting of land; (b) take charge of and preserve all records appertaining to surveys of land; (c) examine all general plans and diagrams of surveys of land before any registration of such land is carried out; (d) define on the diagram of any piece of land the geometrical figure representing any portion of the land; (e) cancel or amend in accordance with any law any general plan or diagram found to be incorrect; (f) prepare, certify and issue copies of diagrams and other documents filed in his office which are available to the public. Further provisions concern the requirements for the recognition as land surveyor, the duties of surveyors, the suspension or cancellation of right to practice as surveyor. Part III makes provision for (a) the replacement of incorrect diagrams after re-survey; (b) the rectification of title-deeds after determination of boundary dispute by the judgement of the court or by the award of an arbitrator; (c) the rules to be followed by arbitrators in deciding what are the true and correct beacons or boundaries common to contiguous pieces of land; (d) alteration of general plans of a township, village or settlement for the purpose of rectifying errors in survey, with the consent of the Minister and subject to the conditions that he may impose. Part IV deals with the establishment of beacons and boundaries. In particular, it regards the erection, repair, re-erection and removal of beacons.

Implemented by: Land Survey Regulations 1961. (1970)

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