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Bibliothèque Town Planning Act 1961.

Town Planning Act 1961.

Town Planning Act 1961.
An Act to make provision for the preparation and carrying out of town planning schemes.

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The Act provides for the establishment of a town planning board, which shall exercise the following functions: (a) to advise the Minister in matters relating to the preparation and carrying into effect of town planning schemes; (b) to encourage the study of town planning: (c) to advise and assist local authorities generally in connection with town planning schemes and the layout of new township. A town planning scheme shall have for its general purpose a coordinated development of the urban area or other area to which it relates, and shall deal with the matters listed in the Second Schedule (e.g., extinction or variation of private rights of way, closing or deviation of existing streets, cultivation of trees, etc.). Further provisions concern the issue of the authorization by the Minister for Local Administration to prepare the scheme, the contents of the scheme and the authorities responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of the scheme. Every scheme shall be submitted to the Minister for his approval according to the procedure prescribed in articles 15-23.The responsible authority may with the approval of the Minister purchase, or exchange by agreement, any land or interest in land which is needed for any of the purposes of an approved scheme. If the responsible authority is not able to acquire such land or interest in land, it may with the approval of the Minister acquire such land or interest in land in terms of the Acquisition of Property Act 1961. Further provisions concern the duties of owners of land affected by the scheme, the subdivision of land to conform to the scheme, the compensation for injurious affection of property caused by the implementation of the scheme, the claiming of compensation, the determination of claims for compensation or betterment.

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