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Sub-section (2) of section 73 of the Land Act, 1923 ("the Principal Act) shall be construed and have effect and be deemed always to have had effect as if the words "which is at the passing of this Act" were inserted therein immediately after the words "means land" and the expression "tenanted land" shall be construed accordingly in the Principal Act and in this Act. Tenanted land did not and shall not cease to be tenanted land by reason of the termination or expiration of the tenancy or the happening of any other event after the passing of the Principal Act whether such event happened before or happens after the passing of this Act. Neither the person who immediately before the passing of the Principal Act was the immediate landlord of any tenanted land nor any successor in title of that person became or shall become entitled to the possession of such tenanted land by reason only of the expiration of the term for which the tenancy was created. (3 sections)

Amends: Land Act, 1923. (2000-08-15)

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