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Bibliothèque Act relative to the management of natural resources (1987:12).

Act relative to the management of natural resources (1987:12).

Act relative to the management of natural resources (1987:12).

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An Act to make provision for the ecologically, socially and economically sustainable use of natural resources, i.e. land, water and the physical environment (sect. 1).The Act is divided into 6 Chapters: Introductory provisions (1); Basic management provisions (2); Particular management provisions for specified areas in the country (3); Admission testing for industrial plants, etc. (4) Environment impact assessment statements (5); Duties of authorities, distribution of responsibilities, etc. (6).The provisions of Chapters 2 and 3 shall apply to what has been described in one or more laws listed in section 2 of Chapter 1. Provisions of Chapter 2 formulate general principles of management of land, water and forestry resources. Reference is also made to use of water for commercial fishing purposes. Chapter 3 contains generic rules of exploitation of protected areas listed in sections 2 to 7 of that Chapter. Section 1 of Chapter 4 lists industrial plants the establishment of which requires permission from the central government. The application for permission shall be accompanied by an environmental impact assessment statement made in accordance with Act No. 650 of 1991 (sect. 1 of Chapter 5). Chapter 6 assigns in general tasks for purposes of the present Act to central and local authorities, making thereby reference to Act No. 10 of 1987 relative to planning and construction.

Repealed by: Law carrying into effect the Swedish Environmental Code (1998:811). (2011)

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