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Bibliothèque Act No. 132 of 1999 on land use and building.

Act No. 132 of 1999 on land use and building.

Act No. 132 of 1999 on land use and building.
Markanvändnings- och bygglag.

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The objective of this Act is to ensure that the use of land and water areas and building activities on them create preconditions for a favourable living environment and promote ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable development. The Act also aims to ensure that everyone has the right to participate in the preparation process, and that planning is high quality and interactive, that expertise is comprehensive and that there is open provision of information on matters being processed. Objectives in land use planning are set out in section 5. Agreements made by a local authority regarding planning and the implementation of plans shall not override the objectives and content requirements of planning laid down in this Act Section 22 concerns national land use objectives, whereas section 24 concerns regional planning. Section 72 and following contain special provisions concerning shore areas. Section 92 and following provide for expropriation of land for public purposes. Several provisions of the Act concern conservation of water resources, water supply and drainage.

Implemented by: Decree No. 895 of 1999 on land use and building. (2011-03-17)

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