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A piece of basic legislation in the field of environmental management. The text consists of 179 sections divided into 12 Parts as follows: Introductory provisions (1); Prohibitions and authorizations (2); Municipal waste management (3); Contaminated site remediation (4); Remediation of mineral exploration sites and mines (5); Clean air provisions (6); Powers in relation to managing the environment (7); Appeals (8); Compliance (9); General (10); Transitional provisions and consequential amendments (11).

Implemented by: Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation (B.C. Reg. 330/81). (2004)
Implemented by: Environmental Appeal Board Procedure Regulation (B.C. 1/82). (2008-11-28)
Implemented by: Hazardous Waste Regulation (B.C. Reg. 63/88). (2009-04-01)
Implemented by: Antisapstain Chemical Waste Control Regulation (B.C. Reg. 300/90). (2004)
Implemented by: Environmental Data Quality Assurance Regulation (B.C. Reg. 301/90). (2013-09-27)
Implemented by: Contaminated Sites Regulation (B.C. Reg. 375/96). (2014-01-31)
Implemented by: Cleaner Gasoline Regulation (B.C. Reg. 498/95). (2011-07-21)
Implemented by: Asphalt Plant Regulation (B.C. Reg. 217/97). (2007-06-21)
Implemented by: Waste Discharge Regulation (B.C. Reg. 320/2004). (2012-04-20)
Implemented by: Storage of Recyclable Material Regulation (B.C. Reg. 133/92). (2004)
Implemented by: Oil and Gas Waste Regulation (B.C. Reg. 254/2005). (2010-10-04)
Implemented by: Code of Practice for the Discharge of Produced Water from Coalbed Gas Operations (B.C.Reg. 156/2005). (2008-12-05)
Implemented by: Recycling Regulation (B.C. Reg. 449/2004) (2014-05-22)
Implemented by: Rebate of Waste Management Fees Regulation (B.C. Reg. 267/2000). (2000-07-14)
Implemented by: Wood Residue Burner and Incinerator Regulation (B.C. Reg. 519/95). (2011-01-13)
Implemented by: Antifreeze Regulation (B.C. Reg. 142/2009). (2009-04-01)
Implemented by: Vehicle Dismantling and Recycling Industry Environmental Planning Regulation (B.C. Reg. 200/2007). (2007-06-21)
Implemented by: Ozone Depleting Substances and Other Halocarbons Regulation (B.C. Reg. 387/99). (2012-11-09)
Implemented by: Permit Fees Regulation (B.C. Reg. 299/92). (2012-03-30)
Implemented by: Mushroom Compost Facilities Regulation (B.C. Reg. 413/98). (2013-11-28)
Implemented by: Solid Fuel Burning Domestic Appliance Regulation (B.C. Reg. 218/2016). (2016-09-20)
Implemented by: Code of Practice for the Concrete and Concrete Products Industry (B.C. Reg. 329/2007). (2007-11-05)
Implemented by: Landfill Gas Management Regulation (B.C. Reg. 391/2008). (2008-12-09)
Implemented by: Code of Practice for the Slaughter and Poultry Processing Industries (B.C. Reg. 246/2007). (2007-12-06)
Implemented by: Code of Practice for Soil Amendments (B.C. Reg. 210/2007). (2007-06-21)
Implemented by: Finfish Aquaculture Waste Control Regulation (B.C. Reg. 256/2002). (2010-01-14)
Implemented by: Land-Based Finfish Waste Control Regulation (B.C. Reg. 68/94). (2004)
Implemented by: Code of Practice for Industrial Non-Hazardous Waste Landfills Incidental to the Wood Processing Industry (B.C. Reg. 263/2010). (2010-09-06)
Implemented by: Haisla Nation Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Regulations (SOR/2012-293). (2014-06-12)
Implemented by: Port of Prince Rupert Liquefied Natural Gas Facilities Regulations (SOR/2016-260). (2016-09-30)
Repeals: Waste Management Act ([RSBC 1996] Chapter 482). (1996-12-31)

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