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Bibliothèque Geothermal Resources Act (Cap. 314A).

Geothermal Resources Act (Cap. 314A).

Geothermal Resources Act (Cap. 314A).
An Act of Parliament to control the exploitation and use of geothermal resources and vest the resources in the Government and to provide for connected purposes.

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This Act concerns the exploration, ownership and exploitation of geothermal resources, i.e. any product derived from and produced within the earth by natural heat. All unextracted geothermal resources under or in any land, if not vested by law in any other person, shall be vested in the Government. The Minister may declare geothermal resources areas. Exploration for geothermal resources requires an authorization from the Minister whereas exploitation requires a geothermal resources licence to be issued by the Minister. The Minister may, at any time, order a bore to be closed for various reasons, including the protection of the environment and groundwater resources.

Implemented by: Geothermal Resources Regulations, 1990 (314A). (2012-12-31)

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