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Bibliothèque Geo-Data Access Act.

Geo-Data Access Act.

Geo-Data Access Act.
Gesetz über den Zugang zu digitalen Geodaten (Geodatenzugangsgesetz - GeoZG).

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The purpose of the present Act is to establish a national spatial data infrastructure. The Act provides the legal framework for: 1) access to spatial data, spatial data and metadata services of spatial data holding agencies and 2) the use of these data and services, especially for measures which may have some impact on the environment. The text consists of 15 articles divided into 6 Parts as follows: Purpose and sphere of application (1); Definition of terms (2); Requirements (3); Electronic network (4); Use of spatial-data (5); Final provisions (6).

Implemented by: Geo-Data User Ordinance. (2013-03-19)

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