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Bibliothèque Placer Mining Act (S.Y. 2003, c. 13).

Placer Mining Act (S.Y. 2003, c. 13).

Placer Mining Act (S.Y. 2003, c. 13).

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For the purpose of the present Act «lands» means lands in respect of which the rights to the gold or other precious minerals or stones are under the administration and control of the Commissioner. Under the present Act Yukon lievies a royalty on all gold shipped from Yukon for export, whether in the form of gold dust as mined or bars. The royalty is computed at the rate of 2.5% of the value of the gold, or at such lesser rate as may be fixed by the Commissioner-in-Council. The text consists of 125 sections divided into 3 Parts as follows: Disposition of government placer mining rights (1); Land use and reclamation (2); Transitional provisions (3).

Implemented by: Placer Mining Land Use Regulation (Y.O.I.C. 2003/59). (2013)
Implemented by: Class 1 Notification Areas Regulation (Y.O.I.C. 2013/221). (2013-12-20)

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