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Bibliothèque Regional Law No. 3-Z “On Civic Chamber”.

Regional Law No. 3-Z “On Civic Chamber”.

Regional Law No. 3-Z “On Civic Chamber”.

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Mars 2006
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This Regional Law establishes that Civic Chamber shall be permanent body with a view of promoting civil society institutions, ensuring public control and cooperation of citizens with state bodies and local government. Its scope shall be protection of rights and duties of citizens, social associations and other non-government bodies (NGOs). Civic Chamber shall perform the following tasks: (a) communication to state bodies and local government of the regional public opinion; (b) open and transparent public hearing and elaboration of recommendations to state bodies and local government; (c) performance of public expertise of federal legislation of joint competence (federal and regional); (d) exercise of public control over local government bodies; (e) advancement of civil initiatives and elaboration of programs for the development of civil society; and (f) involvement of citizens in public debate on actual problems.

Amended by: Regional Law No. 50-z amending Regional Law No. 3-Z “On Civic Chamber”. (2015-05-28)

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