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Bibliothèque Falekaupule Act 1997 (No. 8 of 1997).

Falekaupule Act 1997 (No. 8 of 1997).

Falekaupule Act 1997 (No. 8 of 1997).

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Novembre 1997
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This Act concerns establishment and functioning of the traditional assembly in each island of Tuvalu. The Falekaupule listed in Schedule 1 are established and shall have the areas of authority specified in that Schedule in respect of each Falekaupule. Subject to the provisions of any other Act relating to ownership or rights over land, foreshore, marine life or mineral deposits, the area of authority of every Falekaupule for the purposes of this Act and any bye-laws made under it shall include the internal waters, lagoons and lakes of every island or atoll comprised within that area, and the territorial waters, being the first 12 miles of the territorial sea, adjacent to every such island or atoll. For each Falekaupule area a Kaupule shall be constituted by election. The Kaupule shall incorporated and be be the executive arm of the Falekaupule. A Kaupule shall establish standing committees on, among other things, agriculture and Fisheries. Functions of the Falekaupule are specified in Schedule 3. with the express approval of the Falekaupule, a Kaupule may, for the purposes of performing its statutory functions or those of the Falekaupule, acquire by purchase, lease, gift or exchange, any land either within or outside the Falekaupule area but acquisition of land outside the Falekaupule area requires written approval of the Minister.

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