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Bibliothèque City Development Strategy : Colombo

City Development Strategy : Colombo

City Development Strategy : Colombo

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Juin 2014
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The Colombo Municipal Council (CMC), in
collaboration with the World Bank, UNDP, UNCHS (HABITAT) and
the Western Provincial Council (WPC) in Sri Lanka, launched
a project in February 2000 to formulate a comprehensive
strategy framework and a perspective plan of action for
development of the city. The purpose was to identify key
areas and issues that need systemic and planned attention of
the Council and other major stakeholders and to develop
appropriate strategies to address them. A Senior Consultant
was assigned to the CMC by the sponsors to help formulate
the strategy through a consultative process. In formulating
the strategy framework, the CMC consulted a wide variety of
stakeholder groups through a series of formal and informal
consultations. They included civil society partners such as
NGOs and CBOs, representatives of the poor; senior municipal
officials; and leading private sector representatives, i.e.,
major investors, realtors, developers and Chambers of
Commerce & Industry. Their views, ideas and suggestions
were reviewed and those compatible with the development
vision and thrust identified by the CMC task forces and
stakeholder consultations are incorporated in this strategy
framework. All stakeholders, particularly the private
sector, considered the opportunity as an unprecedented move
by the CMC and WPC. They welcomed the offer to join in this
unique partnership-building exercise in city management and
have assured the city administration of their wholehearted cooperation.

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