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Bibliothèque Egypt Public Land Management Strategy : Volume 1. Policy Note

Egypt Public Land Management Strategy : Volume 1. Policy Note

Egypt Public Land Management Strategy : Volume 1. Policy Note

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Août 2014
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The main objective of the Egypt Public
Land Management Strategy is to provide the Government of
Egypt (GOE) with practical and politically feasible policy
recommendations to reform existing public land management
policies and practices in the aim of improving the business
climate in Egypt. This study is presented in two volumes:
Volume one with the main policy note, supported by Volume
two with background notes on access to public land by
investment sector. Volume one examines the overall system
for public land management in Egypt and the challenges
facing investors seeking to access public land for
investment projects, and concludes with a roadmap for public
land management reform in the aim of improving the
investment climate, which has been prepared in consultation
with key government stakeholders. Volume two provides
background notes examining the sectoral issues and
challenges facing investors in terms of access to public
land and development controls for four investment sectors:
(i) industrial/manufacturing (updating the Policy Note
prepared in December 2004 for the Egypt ICA); (ii) tourism;
(iii) agriculture and land reclamation; and (iv) real estate
development (i.e. large mixed used development projects
involving a land subdivision process). This assignment
focuses on public land management in Egypt, one of several
interrelated land sector issues that merit in-depth
examination. This study is intended to prepare the
groundwork for the GOE to launch the process for formulating
a public land management policy document, which would
include the key policy objectives and principles for
effective management of public land assets in Egypt and
which would serve as a foundation to guide the process of
reforming the fragmented legal framework governing public
land management in Egypt. The process for public land asset
management policy and legal reform is discussed in detail in
this Policy Note.

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