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mars 2003
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Mass Displacement by the Burmese Army's forced relocation program in Tenasserim division first rose to awareness when multi-national companies started to build the Yadana gas pipeline. What followed was a Burmese Army offensive in 1997 to KNU controlled areas to secure more of the area for their business interests. After the arrival of foreign companies and the Yadana gas pipeline the Kamoethway area became a refuge for those fleeing from the gas pipeline area. Later Kamoethway area itself became another target for Burmese troops trying to gain better access to the gas pipeline. In 1997 the Karen in Kamethway area were forcibly relocated by Burmese troops to their designated relocation sites where they were under strict control.This report focuses on the forced relocation program in Kamoethway area: how the villagers survive in the relocation sites, what is the current situation of the forced relocation sites and how the Burmese troops control the villagers...

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Burma Issues (BI) was formed in 1990 as a private non-profit organisation devoted to peacefully addressing Burma's struggle for human rights and democratic rule. BI is unique in that we focus on the marginalized communities living in the war zone of Burma as our target group for building a peace based on justice for everyone. Our approach is based on concepts of empowerment of these marginalized communities. In 2002 the Peace Way Foundation was formed and registered with the Royal Thai Government.

The Peace Way Foundation was formed in February 2002. It operates as an umbrella organisation, under which is a project called Burma Issues. BI has operated since 1990. The formation of the Peace Way Foundation allowed us to be a recognised and registered organisation with the Thai Government. By becoming a Foundation our organisation has obtained legal status and ensured greater security for the work we do.

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