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Bibliothèque Open government data study: India

Open government data study: India

Open government data study: India

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Avril 2011
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This report looks at some of the landscape relevant to open government data (OGD) in India, starting from the current environment in government, the state of civil society, the media, the policies that affect it from the Right to Information Act, standards-related policies, e-governance policies and  he copyright policy. It also looks at a few case studies from government, civil society organisations (CSOs) and public-private partnerships, and profiles some civic hackers. It then examines some of the varied challenges to the uptake of OGD in India, from infrastructural problems of e-governance to issues such as privacy and power imbalances being worsened by transparency. Finally, it lays out our observations and some recommendations. It concludes by noting that OGD in India must be looked at differently from what it has so far been understood as in countries like the UK and the US, and providing some constructive thoughts on how we should think about OGD in India.

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Glover Wright, Pranesh Prakash Sunil Abraham, Nishant Shah, The Centre for Internet and Society

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