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Bibliothèque Prindex Comparative Report, March 2019

Prindex Comparative Report, March 2019

Prindex Comparative Report, March 2019

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Février 2019
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Property rights are a cornerstone of economic development and social justice. A fundamental way of understanding the strength of property rights is through citizens' perceptions of them. Yet perceptions of tenure security have never been collected at a global scale.

The lack of global and comparative data has prevented us from better understanding the scale of tenure insecurity and knowing how to improve it. It has also prevented the issue of property rights from receiving the visibility and attention it deserves. By measuring global perceptions of land and property rights' security, Prindex seeks to address this gap.


Pilots and testing efforts in 2016 and 2017 were aimed at developing and identifying the most methodologically robust and accurate way of measuring perceptions of tenure security.


This report presents results from the first and second waves of data collection in 33 countries, 21 African countries, six from Latin America, four from Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom.

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