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décembre 2016
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This report seeks to highlight the potential of FRA, assess its achievements, identify the bottlenecks, and find the ways forward. Its objectives are to:

Make a quantitative estimate of forest land that has the potential to be recognized as CFR area, and compare it to the actual forest area recognized asCFRs across the country;

Assess the qualitative potential of FRA for gender equal development, poverty alleviation, climate change and biodiversity conservation;

Compile the progress of recognition of other major rights under FRA, such as IFR, CR and habitat rights;

Identify the major institutional and procedural bottlenecks in FRA implementation; and

Identify the ways forward.


The report is structured in three sections. Section I discusses the methodologies used for the study. Section II provides a quantitative assessment of the potential CFR area and the qualitative potential of FRA for development, poverty alleviation,climate change, and biodiversity conservation. It discusses the performance of FRA and carries out a promise and performance analysis for CFR rights. Section III discusses the major bottlenecks in meeting the potential of FRA and provides the ways forward

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Kundan Kumar, Madhu Sarin, Tushar Dash, Neema Pathak Broome, Neera Singh, Sanghamitra Dubey, Meenal Tatpati, Shruti Ajit, Sharachchandra Lele

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Forest Right Act. Org is a dedicated website for forest rights act information in India. The website is managed by Vasundhara organisation. 

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