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Global Land Outlook

Global Land Outlook

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Novembre 2017
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Land is an essential building block of civilization yet its contribution to our quality of life is perceived and valued in starkly different and often incompatible ways. Conflicts about land use are intensifying in many countries. The world has reached a point where we must reconcile these differences and rethink the way in which we use and manage the land. The evidence presented in this first edition of the Global Land Outlook demonstrates that informed and responsible decision-making, along with simple changes in our everyday lives, can if widely adopted help to reverse the current worrying trends in the state of our land resources. An outlook is a vantage point, a platform, a perspective; it broadens our vistas and allows us to examine our prospects, both present and future. It is within this broader frame of thinking that the Global Land Outlook (GLO) aims to present a unique perspective on one of the Earth’s most precious assets: land. PART ONE: The Big Picture Chapter 1: Meaning of Land Chapter 2: Brief History of Land Use Chapter 3: Drivers of Change Chapter 4: Convergence of Evidence Chapter 5: Land Resources and Human Security Part Two: THE OUTLOOK Chapter 6: Scenarios of Change Chapter 7: Food Security and Agriculture Chapter 8: Water Resources Chapter 9: Biodiversity and Soil Chapter 10: Energy and Climate Chapter 11: Urbanization Chapter 12: Drylands Part Three: A More Secure Future Annex One THE SCIENTIFIC CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK FOR LAND DEGRADATION NEUTRALITY Annex Two MAPPING LAND PRODUCTIVITY DYNAMICS: Detecting Critical Trajectories of Global Land Transformations

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Alexander, Sasha
Johnson, Ian
Dudley, Nigel

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