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    Seminario sobre el Proyecto Procesos Agropecuarios de Importancia en América Latina desde la Perspectiva Ambiental

    Articles et Livres
    mai, 1985

    Presenta una detallada investigacion sobre formas de ocupacion rural y consecuencias en el Cerrado" y la Amazonia brasilera."

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 1985
    Brésil, Amérique centrale, Amérique du Sud
  3. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 1985
    Kenya, Italie, Mexique, Brésil, Madagascar

    This issue of Unasylva focuses on the fortieth anniversary of FAO - -and, in particular, on 40 years of work by FAO's Forestry Department. Here, and in the two issues that follow, we will, in addition to publishing articles on important forestry topics, be reprinting selected excerpts from early issues of Unasylva. This issue, for example, includes the major portion of an article from the very first Unasylva: "The disappearance of the tropical forests of Africa,'' by Andr Marie A.

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    Lei Nº 921, de 11 de novembro de 1985.

    novembre, 1985

    This Law, composed of 12 articles, sets the criteria for defining areas of tourism interest in order to protect them and to plan programmes for tourism development. It confers to the Tourism Agency of Rio de Janeiro State (FLUMITUR) the power to promote agreements with the concerned Government institutions in order to identify the areas to be protected and to establish compatible tourist utilization. It stipulates that all State tourist areas will be created by Government Decree while the tourist amenities will be created, on FLUMITUR proposal, by Resolutions of the State Tourism Council.

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