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    Document aggregated from Resource Equity Landwise Database
    janvier, 2004
  2. Library Resource
    Document aggregated from Resource Equity Landwise Database
    janvier, 2005
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    mars, 2004

    Sont créés au sein de l'institut des régions arides de Médenine, les laboratoires suivants: - laboratoire d'éromologie et lutte contre la désertification; - laboratoire d'écologie pastorale dans les régions arides et désertiques;- laboratoire d'élevage et de la faune sauvage dans les régions arides et désertiques;- laboratoire d'aridoculture et des cultures oasiennes; - laboratoire d'économie et des sociétés rurales dans les régions arides et désertiques.

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    janvier, 2005
    Israël, Palestine, Asie occidentale, Afrique septentrionale

    This report deals with the impact of violence against women in the Occupied Territories in the context of conflict, including violence committed by the Israeli state or its agents; the collapse of the rule of law within the Occupied Territories leading to a lack of implementation of existing laws; and the worsening effects of existing discrimination in both law and practice. This report highlights the gender related impact of violations committed by the Israeli forces in the context of conflict.

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    janvier, 2004
    Soudan, Afrique sub-saharienne

    Sudan, a nation of 36 million people wracked by conflict for 34 of the last 45 years, has generated some four million displaced people during the course of its war. It is estimated that over two million Sudanese people have died as a result of fighting and related starvation and disease. Most conventional analyses have focussed on the identity-based dichotomies to explain the conflict.

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    janvier, 2005
    Turquie, Asie occidentale, Afrique septentrionale

    This report presents the findings of an international fact finding mission to assess human rights, social and environmental impacts of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BYC) oil pipeline, which BP and other companies (as part of the BTC Consortium) are currently building in order to bring oil from Caspian Sea oilfields to Western markets.

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    Rapports et recherches
    avril, 2004
    Bangladesh, Brésil, Burkina Faso, Cambodge, Tchad, Chili, Chine, Colombie, Équateur, Érythrée, Éthiopie, Ghana, Inde, Kenya, Laos, Malawi, Mali, Népal, Niger, Nigéria, Pakistan, Afrique du Sud, Soudan, Viet Nam, Zimbabwe, Afrique occidentale, Afrique centrale, Afrique orientale, Amérique centrale, Amérique du Sud, Asie occidentale, Afrique septentrionale, Asie méridionale, Asia du sud-est, Afrique australe

    In the months since approval in November 2002, the Challenge Program on Water and Food

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