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Résultats de la recherche

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    Rapports et recherches
    décembre, 2004
    Népal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

    The case studies reported here highlight important concepts and information on the linkages between water and poverty that may not be available elsewhere. The overall objective of the studies is to draw generic lessons and identify interventions that can help policy makers, planners and other stakeholders to develop actions that are effective in water resources management for the poor. All case studies focus on poor in South Asia, but all with differing geographic contexts or thematic focci. The first two papers are based on field surveys supplemented by literature reviews.

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    Rapports et recherches
    avril, 2004
    Bangladesh, Brésil, Burkina Faso, Cambodge, Tchad, Chili, Chine, Colombie, Équateur, Érythrée, Éthiopie, Ghana, Inde, Kenya, Laos, Malawi, Mali, Népal, Niger, Nigéria, Pakistan, Afrique du Sud, Soudan, Viet Nam, Zimbabwe, Afrique occidentale, Afrique centrale, Afrique orientale, Amérique centrale, Amérique du Sud, Asie occidentale, Afrique septentrionale, Asie méridionale, Asia du sud-est, Afrique australe

    In the months since approval in November 2002, the Challenge Program on Water and Food

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    Documents et rapports de conférence
    décembre, 2004

    More than 12 million people added to the poor in Pakistan between 1993 and 1999. The rising poverty was the result of poor governance and slow economic growth (Asian Development Bank 2002). All available evidence on poverty trends in Pakistan suggests that the problem of poverty in the country worsened during the 1990s, and this was more so in rural areas than in urban areas.

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