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    Document aggregated from Resource Equity Landwise Database
    janvier, 2004
  2. Library Resource
    Document aggregated from Resource Equity Landwise Database
    janvier, 2005
  3. Library Resource
    mars, 2004

    These Regulations amend the principal Regulations 1993 which set out the procedure to be followed in relation to applications for collective enfranchisement and lease renewal made under the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993. The amendments are consequential to amendments made to sections 13 and 39 of the 1993 Act by section 120 and Schedule 14 of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 (c.

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2004
    Turkménistan, Suisse, Lituanie, Tadjikistan, Kirghizistan, Ukraine, Ouzbékistan, Italie, Pologne, Fédération de Russie, Kazakhstan, Arménie, Géorgie, Hongrie, Europe

    FAO is conducting a series of regional and sub-regional workshops as part of the preparatory work for the country reporting to the Global Forest Resources Assessment update 2005 (FRA 2005). These regional workshops respond to requests made by many member countries during the global training session held at FAO Headquarters in Rome in November 2003.

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2004
    États-Unis d'Amérique, Samoa, Chili, Pérou, Namibie, Indonésie, Australie, Royaume-Uni, Canada, Islande, Uruguay, Nouvelle-Zélande, Maroc, Japon, Afrique du Sud, Nicaragua, Italie, Équateur, Norvège, Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

    In recent years, the traditional public right to fish in dital waters has been supplanted by limitations on access to the stocks, particularly for commercial fishers. This is achieved by statutory schemes establishing rights of varying natures. Where these rights are fully established, they highlight the legal characteristics of property. This study is a contribution by the FAO Development Law Service to teh discussion on rights-based systems in fisheries management from a legal perspective.

  6. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2004
    France, Royaume-Uni, Pays-Bas, Espagne

    The International Programme for Technology and Research in Irrigation and Drainage (IPTRID) is an international independent multi-donor trust fund programme created in 1990 and first located at the World Bank. Since 1998, it has been hosted by FAO as a Special Programme. IPTRID aims to assist developing countries and countries in transition in building capacity for sustainable agricultural water management to reduce poverty and enhance food security, while conserving the environment.

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2004
    Bangladesh, États-Unis d'Amérique, République dominicaine, El Salvador, Allemagne, Chine, Guatemala, Indonésie, Grenade, Jamaïque, Royaume-Uni, Pakistan, Colombie, Costa Rica, Bolivie, Philippines, Japon, Tunisie, Argentine, Inde, Fédération de Russie, Bahamas, Brésil

    This report shows a broad range of statistics pertaining to world food and agriculture. It presents, where appropriate, the differences between developed and developing countries, continents and regions. It is hoped that managers and policy-makers dealing with international issues relating to food and agriculture will find the tables useful.

  8. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2004
    Slovénie, Liechtenstein, France, Estonie, Suisse, Lituanie, Croatie, Suède, Allemagne, Ukraine, Bulgarie, Royaume-Uni, Autriche, Finlande, Slovaquie, Bosnie-Herzégovine, Hongrie, Albanie, Pologne, Lettonie, Roumanie, Norvège, République tchèque, Europe

    This report presents the results of an extra budgetary project which analyses similarities and common approaches in European national forest legislation. The forest laws of 23 countries have been examined in order to find out whether provisions are made to put into practice the following three legal issues: (1) reforestation obligations after logging through final cutting or loss of forest cover due to fire and natural calamities, (2) regulations concerning public access to forests and (3) public use of non-wood forest products occurring on forest land.

  9. Library Resource
    Rapports et recherches
    décembre, 2004
    États-Unis d'Amérique, Canada, Danemark, Italie

    The current working definition of biotechnolology used by the FAO refers to any means of developing or using living organisms to produce or alter or improve a product or organism for a specified purpose (UNEP 1992; Schmidt 1997), which would include prehistoric plant and animal domestication. A more current perspective specifies biotechnology having commercial applications, featuring deliberate manipulation of the genetic components of living organisms or their products (IBPGR 1991; Iowa State University 1994).

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