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    décembre, 2004

    This study was conducted in the northern part of Kenya, in Kakuma division, Turkana district. Kakuma is a semi-
    arid area under nomadic pastoralism as the main activity. The presence of a refugee camp has attracted many people from within
    the Turkana community and also the outside community. The study aimed at documenting the effects of emergent land use
    changes on vegetation resources and the socio-economic environment in Kakuma. Data on vegetation density and cover was

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    Rapports et recherches
    décembre, 2004

    Geothermal Energy is a natural form of energy stored deep in the earth's hot rocks and
    waters within the fractured rocks. It is fairly widespread in the world mostly within
    continental plate margins. It has been put into use for several centuries but commercially;
    the world's first geothermal power plant was built at Larderello Italy in 1901 and is still
    generating. In Africa, Kenya is the first country to utilize this technology for power
    generation in the Rift Valley at Olkaria Naivasha. The geothermal energy potential in

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