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    septembre, 2017

    This Presidential Decree, consisting of 156 articles divided into seven Chapters and one Annex, regulates the principles and norms for the organization and functioning of Local Government Bodies, establishing the respective organizational structures, as well as their operational mechanisms in the field of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Environment, Health, Social Security, Gender Equality, Energy and Water resources.

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    janvier, 2016

    This Presidential Decree approves the Statute of the National Institute of Territorial Planning and Urban Development (INOTU). This Statute, consisting of 5 Chapters divided into 23 articles and completed by four Annexes, establishes the composition, duties and responsibilities of the above mentioned public institution of the Economic and Productive Sector.

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    décembre, 1997

    This Resolution approves the National Policy for the Control of Desertification. According to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification the main tool for the National Desertification Control Policy is the National Plan to Combat Desertification (PNCD). The PNCD is a tool for the formulation and coordination of actions for the combat of desertification, nor only of those that are already under implementation but also those that will be developed within the different Governmental sectors.

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    septembre, 2015

    This Decree, consisting of 28 articles divided into there Chapters, approves the structure of the Provincial Government. It establishes composition, duties and responsibilities of the above mentioned local government, as a local State body responsible for ensuring the implementation, at provincial level, of the governmental policy defined by the central organ.

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    janvier, 2017

    This Decree, consisting of 7 articles and six Annexes, approves the Table of Classification of the Urban and Rural Land Uses and Activities of the Distrito Federal. In the Classification of Urban and Rural Uses and Activities of the Federal District, the activities are framed in the following uses: I - Urban: (A) residential as set out in Annex I; (B) as set out in Annex II; (C) industrial, as set out in Annex III; (D) institutional, as set out in Annex IV; (E) provision of services as set out in Annex V; II - Rural, as set out in Annex VI.

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    octobre, 2017

    This Resolution, consisting of 82 articles divided into seven Chapters and 16 Annexes, ratifies the Tourist Planning Plan (POT) of the Tourist Zone of Salamansa (ZTS), within the island of São Vicente. It includes reports of the Plan for urban areas, as well as environmental and landscape domain, the Plan Regulation and drawings, which constitute the framework and the charters.

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    avril, 2017

    This Norm, consisting of 7 articles divided into four Chapters and one Annex, establishes reasons and administrative procedures for cancellation of Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), aiming at correcting the National System of Rural Environmental Registry (SICAR). In particular, it establishes the following reasons for requesting cancellation of CAR in SICAR: 1. Duplication of registration for the same property; 2. Unification of CPF and CNPJ areas of the same owners/users; 3. Registration carried out in disagreement with the concept of rural property; 4.

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    mai, 2016

    This Decree, consisting of 4 Chapters, regulates the selection process for the families beneficiary of the National Agrarian Reform. This Decree specifies the following issues: the selection of families candidates for being beneficiaries of the National Agrarian Reform Programme - PNRA, the verification of the beneficiary's conditions for staying in the Programme and the illegal occupation of the settlement projects, the provisional and definitive titling of the granted plots and the allocation of the remaining areas belonging to the land reform settlement projects.

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    mars, 2017

    This Ministerial Order, consisting of 4 articles and eleven Annexes (I-A to I-M), establishes the formal Recognition of Traditional Sucos and Indigenous Villages existing in the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste recognizes the existence of 451 Sucos and 2,233 Villages, whose designation and location in the national territory is included in Annex I-A to Annex I-M to this Ministerial Order. Annexes specify Administrative Areas; Sucos and related Villages.

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    mai, 2017

    This Decree, consisting of 14 articles, regulates item V of the caput of art. 17 of Law 8,629 of 25 February 1993, providing for the settlement credits within the agrarian reform programme. It is incumbent upon the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform - INCRA to grant the concession of the settlement credits provided for in this Decree. The concession of the settlement credits will be issued by a federal financial institution contracted by INCRA for this purpose, with no bidding.

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