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    This Decree amends the Decree concerning the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in article 1, which defines the duties of the Ministry, and in article 2, which lists offices, agencies and other bodies that fall within the administration sphere of the Ministry. In article 1 the task of the Ministry regarding land survey and registration is redefined and article 2 requires the Ministry to supervise and monitor the Regional State Administrative Agencies and the Economic Development-, Transport- and the Environment Centres on matters within its competence.

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    Lag om finansiering av renhushållning och naturnäringar.

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    The purpose of this Act is to promote reindeer husbandry and related natural industries and make them more versatile. The Act also aims at improving the livelihood structure and operating environment in reindeer herding areas and to promote sustainable use of renewable natural resources, development of reindeer husbandry and natural nutrition, and to support the development of rural areas and communities in the reindeer herding areas. It provides rules relative to national and European Community financial support.

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    The principal Act provides for the procedures of the application for rights relative to constructions in watercourses or related to watercourses as foreseen in the Water Act (sect. 1). The amendments of the principal Act are made mainly as a consequence of the introduction of the Real Property Formation Act (554/95) which formulates, inter alia, rules relative to land survey and mapping. Section 4 refers to procedures in accordance with section 8(a) of Chapter 21 of the Water Act.

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    The amendments of the present Act concern land survey procedures in accordance with the recently enacted Real Property Formation Act (554/95) for various kinds of water areas to which provisions of the Fisheries Act apply. Borders of fish protection areas shall be established by a certified engineer at the request of Fisheries Area Offices (sect. 45). Section 55 provides for the designation by the Land Survey Office of the part in a water area of members in Fisheries Associations in accordance with section 101 of Act 554 of 1995.

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