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Résultats de la recherche

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    Documents et rapports de conférence
    janvier, 2005
    Asie occidentale, Yémen

    The threat that the degradation of terraces in the highlands of Yemen poses to the livelihood of rural households and to national economic development has been widely recognized. The aim of this study was to contribute to the development of policy recommendations for the improvement of the life of rural families in the Yemeni mountains. Three small mountain watersheds (200-700 ha) in the northern, middle and southern mountain regions of Yemen were selected as the testing grounds for this study.

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    Rapports et recherches
    juillet, 2005

    In 2004, ICARDA began strategic visioning, driven by the global focus on achieving the Millennium Development Goals and the realignment of the CGIAR System priorities by the Science Council. It involved, among other actions, a consolidation of the 19 research projects into six mega-projects for better integration of the Center’s multidisciplinary teams, and an increased use of new tools of science in addressing the problems of poverty and degradation of natural resources.

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