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    FOR 2012-08-16 nr 820: Forskrift om beskyttelse av Høgfjellslam fra Nord-Gudbrandsdal som geografisk betegnelse.

    Norvège, Europe, Europe septentrionale

    Høgfjells in North Gudbrandsdal is an area allocated for lamb seasonal grazing. Lamb production from there encompasses municipalities of Dovre, Lesja, Lom, Oppland, Skjåk and Lom. A significant portion of this grazing area should be higher than 800 m. within said geographical landmark. Lambs shall be released for pasture as soon as grazing in this mountainous area is considered to be satisfactory (cows will graze for a minimum of 11 weeks in pastures located over 800 meters).

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    Lov om reindrift (reindriftsloven).

    Norvège, Europe, Europe septentrionale

    The scope of this Act is to promote the ecologically-sustainable reindeer husbandry based on Sami culture, traditions and customs. The Act provides for rights and duties of reindeer herders; regulates the relationship with other economic activities having regard to the general interest; regulates the relationship between reindeer herders as far as necessary; and lays the foundation for administration and organization of reindeer husbandry. The Act provides for the establishment of reindeer districts which shall be administered by a district council.

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