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    FOR 2012-08-08 nr 797: Forskrift om infrastruktur for geografisk informasjon (geodataforskriften).

    Norvège, Europe, Europe septentrionale

    The Regulation sets rules on land consolidation and applies to the registration of public infrastructures. The necessary geodata and related geospatial services includes mineral resources, oceans, habitats etc.

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    FOR 2011-12-14 nr 1336: Forskrift om gebyr for behandling av konsesjons- og delingssaker.

    Norvège, Europe, Europe septentrionale

    The Regulation applies to fees for the payment of administrative operations, such as application for the acquisition licenses of property. Fees are collected by the equivalent municipality.

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    Lov om reindrift (reindriftsloven).

    Norvège, Europe, Europe septentrionale

    The scope of this Act is to promote the ecologically-sustainable reindeer husbandry based on Sami culture, traditions and customs. The Act provides for rights and duties of reindeer herders; regulates the relationship with other economic activities having regard to the general interest; regulates the relationship between reindeer herders as far as necessary; and lays the foundation for administration and organization of reindeer husbandry. The Act provides for the establishment of reindeer districts which shall be administered by a district council.

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    Forskrift til lov om kartlegging, deling og registrering av grunneiendom (delingsloven). Del. av myndighet.

    Norvège, Europe, Europe septentrionale

    This Decree contains rules relative to various stages of and the procedures for the partition of land in accordance with the Land Partition Act. It also defines the duties of local authorities in this process. The stages are, among other things, survey and mapping, the establishment of borders of land, distribution of registration numbers and assignment of an official address.

    Implements: Act No. 70 of 1978 relative to survey, partition, and registration of real property (Land Partition Act). (2008-03-14)

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    Forskrift om registrering av dyrka jord som er vanhevda eller ligger unytta.

    Norvège, Europe, Europe septentrionale

    The scope of the present Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture is to provide a clear picture of all land suitable for cultivation but presently not in use. Such land shall be under consideration for measures to be taken pursuant to section 8 of the Land Use Act of 1995. Municipalities shall be responsible for registration. Priority shall be given to land in good shape in areas where a lot of cultivation takes place. Position, present condition, and size shall be registered and information provided on the best possible use, suitability of the land, etc. (4 sections)

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