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    Land Use Policy Volume 97

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    septembre, 2020
    Espagne, États-Unis d'Amérique

    The design of efficient Green Infrastructure —GI— systems is a key issue to achieve sustainable development city planning goals in the twenty-first century. This study’s main contribution is the identification of potential GI elements to better align the environmental, social and economic perspectives in the GI design by including information about the use, activities, preferences and presence of people. To achieve this, user generated content from Location Based Social Network —LBSN— Foursquare is used as a complementary data source.

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    Land Use Policy Volume 90

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    janvier, 2020
    Finlande, Italie

    This paper is presenting research on with possibilities and benefit of applying a customer-oriented approach in public cadastral procedures. Public service providers have raised awareness towards customer-oriented approaches in their procedures during recent decades. This study discusses the relevance of adopting a new approach in cadastral procedures by presenting a new method to obtain a subdivision procedure. This is done by conducting a literature review followed by a description of this new method in Finnish local government, the city of Tampere.

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    Land Use Policy Volume 84

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    mai, 2019
    Monaco, Portugal

    The present study describes a methodology to quantify the gross soil nitrogen balance (SNB) for agricultural land use in the Tagus Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (TVZ) between 1989 and 2016, including effects of implementation of the EC Nitrates Directive (ND, 91/676/EEC) since 2004. The study uses decadal information from National Agricultural Census at parish level and is supported by a Geographical Information System (GIS). The average SNB of the TVZ decreased significantly (p 

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    Land Use Policy Volume 99

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    décembre, 2020
    Australie, Suisse, République tchèque, Allemagne, France, Croatie, Hongrie, Liechtenstein, Pologne, Slovaquie, Slovénie

    Forests cover about 40 % of the European Union (EU), providing a wide spectrum of invaluable ecosystem services to more than half a billion people. In order to protect and harness this crucial asset, EU policies are advancing multifunctional management. This study lays a basis for such an effort by mapping the supply of key forest ecosystem services (FES) across the entire EU: wood, water supply, erosion control, pollination, habitat protection, soil formation, climate regulation and recreation.

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    Land Use Policy Volume 49

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    décembre, 2015
    République centrafricaine, Croatie, États-Unis d'Amérique

    Weak or non-existing linkage of official registers in the Republic of Croatia and the data redundancy as an inevitable outcome of such a state are the causes of various unwanted consequences for the relevant public authorities, as well as for citizens and companies as the end-users of that data. In this paper we present the results of an analysis of the status of the redundancy within the Croatian land administration-related registers.

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    Land Use Policy Volume 75

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    juin, 2018
    Brésil, Grèce, États-Unis d'Amérique

    Discussions about climate change have repeatedly regarded livestock as responsible for a significant contribution of greenhouse gas emissions. However, proper management schemes for livestock production may contribute to a reduction in emissions and, at the same time, induce optimization of production systems and intensification of food production.

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    Land Use Policy Volume 77

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    septembre, 2018
    Espagne, Venezuela

    The ecosystem services concept is increasingly gaining momentum in land-use policies and landscape planning. Yet, cultural ecosystem services often lack proper assessments. With this study, we use novel methodological approaches to map the cultural ecosystem service landscape aesthetics for its enhanced consideration in land-use policies. Our study uses expert-based participatory mapping and crowd-sourced (social media) photo data to examine the spatial distribution of landscape aesthetics in the Province of Barcelona, Catalonia.

  8. Library Resource

    Land Use Policy Volume 76

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    juillet, 2018
    Italie, États-Unis d'Amérique

    Effectiveness of Agri-Environmental Schemes (AESs) as tools to enhance the rural environment can be achieved not only by increasing uptake rates, but also by avoiding participating farmers abandoning the scheme once they are in. For this reason, it is important to also consider what affects farmers’ decisions to remain in the scheme rather than leave it at the end of the contractual obligation. However, up to now, there has been very little on this issue in the literature.

  9. Library Resource

    Land Use Policy Volume 57

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    novembre, 2016
    Italie, Panama

    Case studies of social-ecological landscapes that consider local, spatially explicit land cover changes are necessary for the development of generalised knowledge on deforestation. This study focussed on two indigenous territories of eastern Panama that share the same settlement history, size and location but are perceived by local dwellers to differ in terms of land cover.

  10. Library Resource

    Land Use Policy Volume 76

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    juillet, 2018
    Albanie, Norvège

    We analyze the impact of land fragmentation on production diversification in rural Albania. Albania represents a particularly interesting case for studying land fragmentation as the fragmentation is a direct outcome of land reforms. The results indicate that land fragmentation is an important driver of production diversification of farm households in Albania. We find that land fragmentation stimulates significantly more diversification for subsistence farm households than for market-oriented households.

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