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    Articles et Livres
    mars, 2016

    The purpose of this study is to clarify the method to know key issues which green infrastructure can help to improve and targeting score for the priorities by small areas of the city in Liverpool Green Infrastructure Strategy. As a result, the planning process is divided into three steps as follows. Step 1 identifies the strategic priorities for the city. In this step, the priorities are decided based on the evidences and several meetings with stakeholders from across the city. Step 2 focuses data gathering and data mapping.

  2. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    mai, 2009
    Belgique, Allemagne, Royaume-Uni, Pays-Bas, Europe

    Increased development pressures on the marine environment and the potential for multiple use conflicts, arising as a result of the current expansion of offshore wind energy, fishing and aquaculture, dredging, mineral extraction, shipping, and the need to meet international and national commitments to biodiversity conservation, have led to increased interest in sea use planning with particular emphasis on marine spatial planning.

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2011
    France, Afrique du Sud, Danemark, Italie, Australie, Irlande, Royaume-Uni, Nouvelle-Zélande, Europe, Asie, Amérique septentrionale, Afrique, Amérique du Sud, Afrique australe

    We used the process-oriented niche model CLIMEX to estimate the potential global distribution of serrated tussock under projected future climates. Serrated tussock is a drought-tolerant, wind- and human-dispersed grass of South American origin that has invaded pastures in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and South Africa. The likely effect of climate change on its potential global distribution was assessed by applying six climate-change scenarios to a previously developed model.

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2015

    Rainwater harvesting (RWH) is a practice of growing importance in the United Kingdom, particularly in the southeast of England where the water availability per person is even less than in many Mediterranean countries. Although there is a huge amount of rainfall in the north and west of England and Wales, water resources in the southeast and east of England are under pressure due to the growing population and the changing climate. Therefore, RWH becomes particularly important to reduce the dependence on the mains water supply.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    décembre, 1997
    Slovénie, Macédoine du Nord, Slovaquie, Hongrie, Croatie, Albanie, Allemagne, Italie, Royaume-Uni, Autriche, République tchèque, Pays-Bas

    The registration system of immovable property in Albania was chosen for four basic reasons: (1) it protects the right of immovable property owners by providing strong and reliable evidence about ownership and other interests in immovable properties; (2) it is simple and inexpensive to administer and maintain; (3) it provides the public with easily accessible information which they need to buy and sell, mortgage, and rent immovable property, thereby providing the basis for a market-oriented economy; and, (4) it permits the building of a Geographical Information System with property informati

  6. Library Resource
    Documents et rapports de conférence
    décembre, 2015
    Irlande, Royaume-Uni, Lettonie

    This research provides a first example of a practical application of the concept relevant to policy stakeholders, wherein the trade-off between two soil functions – ‘primary productivity’ and ‘carbon cycling and storage’ is assessed. This is measured in response to the intervention of land drainage systems applied to poorly and imperfectly draining managed grasslands in Ireland. This trade-off is examined spatially using integrated mapping within ArcGIS. National level datasets on land use were combined with an indicative drainage map.

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2012
    Royaume-Uni, Cameroun

    Land affected by contamination from human activities has been identified as a major environmental problem in developed countries and there are established mechanisms for identifying, prioritising, characterising, assessing and remediating the land so that risks to human health and environmental receptors are minimised. However, comparative mechanisms and approaches for sustainable land management are often lacking in developing countries such as Cameroon.

  8. Library Resource
    Documents de politique et mémoires
    mai, 2007
    France, Espagne, Allemagne, Italie, Royaume-Uni

    This paper analyses the enforcement of the 2003 CAP reform in 5 countries of the West European Union: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom. The reform gives multiple possibilities of adaptation at a national or regional level.

  9. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2011
    Suède, Royaume-Uni, Danemark, Europe

    The objective of this review paper is to analyze the efficiency of environmentally motivated taxes on virgin raw materials. We analyze both the economic–theoretical foundations of virgin natural resource taxation, and the empirical experiences of aggregates taxes i.e., taxes on, for instance, gravel, rock, stone, etc. in three European countries. These include Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

  10. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2010
    Royaume-Uni, Europe

    Aim To examine the effect of climate change on the occurrence and distribution of Pipistrellus nathusii (Nathusius' pipistrelle) in the United Kingdom (UK). Location We modelled habitat and climatic associations of P. nathusii in the UK and applied this model to the species' historical range in continental Europe. Methods A binomial logistic regression model was constructed relating the occurrence of P. nathusii to climate and habitat characteristics using historical species occurrence records (1940-2006) and CORINE land cover data.

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