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    décembre, 1996

    This Act, as referred to in Clause (1) of art. 244 of the Constitution, amends part IX of the Constitution, related to Panchayats Extension to the Scheduled Areas. Part IX of the Constitution relating to Panchayats is extended to the Scheduled Areas subject to such exceptions and modifications, as provided in section 4.

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    janvier, 1976

    This Act provides that any land upon which an agricultural labourer, an artisan or a fisherman has a dwelling house which is complete in itself and not shared in common with any person other than a person belonging to the same family shall be in the ownership of such an agricultural labourer, an artisan or a fisherman. The Act states that the State government shall pay a price to the former owner, acquire such land and, thereafter, transfer the same to the agricultural labourer, artisan or fisherman who owns the homestead on the land.

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    Conventions internationales et traités
    janvier, 2008
    Inde, Chine

    Both Parties agree to cooperate on land resource management,land administration and immigrant resettlement. The cooperation mentioned in this Memorandum of Understanding may include, but is not limited to, the following areas of common interest:   1. Development, protection, management and utilization of land resources;   2. Land information management, land surveys, cadastre updates, land registration, statistics, valuation, and the application of modern technologies in these areas;   3. Land use planning;   4. Land market, land allocation, relevant laws and regulations;   5.

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    mai, 2012

    This Act contains provisions for the fixing of a ceiling on holding agricultural land and also provides for the acquisition and disposal of surplus agricultural lands. The Schedule of the Act provides the ceiling area of irrigated or crop land in hectares.

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    mars, 2014

    These Rules, consisting of 52 sections divided into twelve Parts, regulate Maharashtra Village Panchayats Extension to Scheduled Areas. They shall extend to all the Scheduled Areas in the State where the Act is in force. The Rules establishe composition duties and responsibilities of the Gram Sabha, entitled to safeguard and preserve the natural resources located in its area including traditional rights over water, forest, land and minerals as per local tradition and the spirit of the laws of the Central and State Governments.

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    Inde, Asie, Asie méridionale

    The Act amends the First Schedule to the Constitution, in the paragraph relating to the territories of the State of Assam (art. 3a), in the paragraph relating to the territories of the State of West Bengal (3b), in the paragraph relating to the territories of the State of Meghalaya (3c), in the paragraph relating to the territories of the State of Tripura (3d). The Third Schedule describes extracts of agreement between India and Bangladesh concerning the demarcation of land boundary and other related matters thereof dated 16 May 1974, 6 September 2011.

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    Inde, Asie, Asie méridionale

    This Act amends the Kerala Land Conservancy Act, 1957.Amendments include: word changes to the long title and to the preamble; substitution of section 7 with a new section on punishments for the unauthorized occupation of land which is property of the Government; substitution of sections 8 and 9 with new sections on offences; minor word changes to sections 11, 14, 16, 17 and 19; omission of clause (a) and (b) of section 13; and substitution of section 20A(1) on bar of jurisdiction of Civil Courts.

    Amends: Kerala Land Conservancy Act, 1957 (Act No. 8 of 1958). (1971)

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    Inde, Asie, Asie méridionale

    This Act aims to regulate the conversion and development of paddy fields and protect wetland areas in order to promote agricultural growth, ensure food security and sustain the ecological system in the State of Kerala.The Act provides for the establishment of a Local Level Monitoring Committee in each Panchayat or Municipality, a State Level Committee and a District Level Authorized Committee in each District to decide on the reclamation of paddy land for public purposes or for construction of residential building for owners of the paddy land.The Act prohibits the conversion or reclamation

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