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    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2018
    Asie méridionale, Asie, Inde

    This article reviews the literature on contract farming (CF) in India and assesses the impact of smallholders’ perceived production risks on the adoption of CF; the impact of CF on smallholders’ food security; and its impact on employment generation in their farming enterprises. We also show the impact of the outcome variables by risk preference of smallholders. Using farm-level data and endogenous switching regression methods, this study presents three key findings.

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    juin, 2012

    India faces a turbulent water future and
    the current water development and management system is not
    sustainable.Unless dramatic changes are made and made soon
    in the way in which government manages water, India will
    have neither the cash to maintain and build new
    infrastructure, nor the water required for the economy and
    for people. This Report examines the evolution of the
    management of India's waters, describes the

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    décembre, 2014

    Despite the popularity and the unique nature of women's self-help groups in India, evidence on the economic impact of these groups is scant. On the basis of two rounds of surveys of 2,517 households, we use a strategy of double differences and propensity score matching to assess the economic effects of a program that promoted and strengthened self-help groups in Andhra Pradesh in India. Our analysis finds that longer exposure to the program has a positive impact on consumption, nutritional intake, and asset accumulation.

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    septembre, 2013

    In India, land continues to be of
    enormous economic, social, and symbolic relevance. The way
    in which land can be accessed and its ownership documented
    is at the core of the livelihood of the large majority of
    the poor, especially in rural and tribal areas and
    determines the extent to which increasingly scarce natural
    resources are managed. Land policies and administration are
    critical determinants of the transaction cost associated

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