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    Rapports et recherches
    juillet, 2018
    Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Honduras, Philippines, Afrique du Sud, Italie, Iran, Argentine, Inde, Niger

    In developed and developing countries all over the world, farmers and indigenous and local communities have traditional knowledge, expertise, skills and practices related to food security and to food and agricultural production and diversity. Since its creation in 1945, FAO has recognized the significant contributions these make to food and agriculture, and the relevance of on-farm/in situ and ex situ conservation of genetic resources for food and agriculture.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    août, 2018
    Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malaisie, Japon, Chine, Myanmar, Indonésie, Koweït, Inde, République de Corée, Maldives, Thaïlande

    This paper attempts to summarize available knowledge, and identify the gaps in that knowledge, on marine fisheries and fishery resources in the Bay of Bengal region. It provides information on Bangladesh, Burma, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand—their marine fisheries, fishery resources, status of important stocks, etc.

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    Articles et Livres
    juin, 2018
    Suisse, États-Unis d'Amérique, Philippines, Ouganda, Japon, Allemagne, République-Unie de Tanzanie, Cambodge, Inde, Sénégal, Éthiopie, Cameroun, Pays-Bas

    The massive increase in demand for woodfuel for cooking caused by sudden influxes of refugees and other displaced people is usually the main driver of forest degradation and deforestation in displacement settings. It places enormous pressure on nearby forests and woodlands and is often a source of tension between the host and displaced communities. A lack of sufficient cooking fuel also has an impact on the nutrition and health of vulnerable people in such settings.

  4. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2005
    Cameroun, Espagne, États-Unis d'Amérique, Arménie, Afrique du Sud, Singapour, Kirghizistan, Chili, Azerbaïdjan, Chine, Roumanie, Indonésie, Australie, Canada, Nouvelle-Zélande, Japon, Inde, Fédération de Russie, Pakistan, Mexique, République démocratique du Congo

    This publication offers a fresh look at the theory and practice of modern water rights, from a comparative law angle. It sheds light on a number of key features of such rights, and contrasts these to traditional forms and kinds of water rights. It teases out and discusses the relevant problematique, including in particular that elicited the sale and leasing of water rights. Finally, a stock-taking and assessment of modern water rights systems impacts are volunteered. This publication complements two earlier issues featured in the FAO Legislative Studies series, i.e.

  5. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    mars, 2019
    Népal, Bulgarie, Maroc, Ouganda, Afrique du Sud, Mexique, Turquie, Espagne, Albanie, Allemagne, Pérou, Italie, El Salvador, Arménie, Costa Rica, Colombie, Tunisie, Inde, Bolivie, Pakistan, Roumanie

    A robust regulatory framework for the corporate governance of water user's organizations is a fundamental ingredient of irrigation management transfer policies. The present publication offers a comparative analysis of the contemporary legislation of a wide variety of countries, providing the needed regulatory framework for water user's organizations to function and grow.

  6. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    avril, 2018
    Mozambique, Philippines, Afrique du Sud, Singapour, Malaisie, Japon, Thaïlande, Cambodge, Chine, Zimbabwe, Indonésie, Ghana, Inde, République de Corée, Colombie, Brésil, Cuba, Asie

    This study draws on some case studies of land reforms in different South Asian countries. These reforms came on the national and international agenda in a major way in the post- World-War II period and were led by the transition theory, requiring agriculture to provide both surplus and labor for the growth of a modern industrial economy and leading to focus on efficiency in agricultural production (which would release resources -capital and labor- for investment in the modern industrial sector), rather than on distribution.

  7. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 1992
    Qatar, Bangladesh, Nigéria, Israël, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Indonésie, Bulgarie, Ghana, Somalie, Portugal, Koweït, Tchad, Mongolie, Iraq, Chine, Australie, Autriche, Uruguay, Mozambique, Yémen, Albanie, Inde

    En muchas partes del mundo la escasez cada vez mayor de agua y el mal uso de agua dulce plantea graves problemas al desarrollo sostenible. Como más de dos tercios del agua que se toma de los ríos, lagos y acuíferos de la tierra se destinan al riego, la agricultura se considera una válvula de seguridad del sistema. El capítulo especial de este año sobre política hídrica y agricultura analiza las repercusiones en las políticas de una mayor competencia, los conflictos, la escasez, el desperdicio, e l exceso de explotación y la degradación de los recursos hídricos.

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