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    août, 1990
    République de Corée

    The purpose of this Act is to conserve the environment and to relieve damage to the health and property of citizens by providing for the procedure, etc. of good offices, mediation and adjudication regarding environmental disputes for the rapid, fair and efficient settlement of the environmental disputes.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    décembre, 1990
    Fidji, Japon, Singapour, Malaisie, Madagascar, Italie, Indonésie, Australie, Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée, Iran, Inde, Guinée, Viet Nam, Thaïlande, Océanie

    This report details some species of fish considered appropriate for stocking the Sepik/Ramu Rivers. Fishes thought suitable for introduction have been divided into three categories: Category A (species whose introduction is recommended); Category B (species that are thought to be of particular interest which are presently being evaluated in detail) ; and, Category C (interesting species with longer-term potential). Only category A species are presently recommended.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    décembre, 1990
    Indonésie, Australie, Japon, Inde, Guinée, Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée, Italie, Océanie

    This report summarises results and recommendations arising from phase one of the Sepik River Fish Stock Enhancement Project. This phase investigated and evaluated the need for fish stocking of the Sepik and Ramu Rivers in Papua New Guinea.

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    août, 1990
    République de Corée, Asie, Asie orientale

    The purpose of this Act is to prevent danger and damage to the national health and environment due to air pollution, and to manage and preserve properly the atmospheric environment (art. 1). The Minister of Environment shall provide for installation of a network measuring devices, and measure at all times the degree of air pollution in Korea and the Special Metropolitan City Mayor, Metropolitan City Mayor or Do-Governor shall do the same for its area of jurisdiction and report to the Minister (art. 3).

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    Législation et politiques
    avril, 1990
    Chine, Hong Kong

    Preamble: "Hong Kong has been part of the territory of China since ancient times; it was occupied by Britain after the Opium War in 1840.  On 19 December 1984, the Chinese and British Governments signed the Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong, affirming that the Government of the People's Republic of China will resume the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong with effect from 1 July 1997, thus fulfilling the long-cherished common aspiration of the Chinese people for the recovery of Hong Kong.

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